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September 28, 2014


2274 MONTAGUE AVE. EXT.        GREENWOOD, SC   29649

                                PASTOR: REV. RICHARD SAXON                               
Church 864 -229-3687    Parsonage 943-8873    Cell 980-5299
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                    WE WELCOME ALL VISITORS!                   


We Welcome all Visitors                                       

The end of your search for a friendly Church.


                                         Welcome  To Our Services

Sunday School         10:00am               Morning Worship     10:45am

Evening Worship      6:00pm               Wednesday Worship   7:00pm

                                 Bible Study Tuesday 10:30 am

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                                                                                         ANNOUNCEMENTS

Sept. 28- Birthday/Anniversary meal after PM service.
Oct. 12- Homecoming with special guest singer Angelina McKeithen.

Special Singing:     AM –Kristen Parks        PM – TBA         Prayer Warrior: Cayce Nobles


                               PRAYER REQUESTS LIST


Ann & James Saxon                    Carolyn Smith                    John Bell                 Larry Price

Tommy & Miriam Simmons         US President & Officials       Vickie Coursey          Israel

Benny Carter                                Ryan Summey                    Jeremy Todt           Stan Farmer

Ada Beechey                                Brad Williams                    Ralph Jimenez        Grace Sweatt

Sherry Williams                             The Williams                      Cathy Kirkland      


CHURCH STATISTICS FOR                                                          9-21-14

S.S. attendance…………..……………………....28
S.S. offering………………………… …….....$77.50
M.W. attendance……………………..............…..41
M.W. offering………………………………....$81.05


September Birthdays                     September Anniversaries

Kristen Parks-  9                                                        David & Tammy Bell- 22
Olivia Pettus - 1                                                                             
Ann Saxon-    14         
David Wells - 28


From the Desk of Pastor Richard Saxon


     Wow! Have you seen the news lately? The nations are trembling, the middle-east is ablaze with war and rumors of war, the economies of the world are on the edge of collapse, and America is being threatened on all borders from incoming terrorists. Jesus is coming! Men and women have their conscience seared and are now more evil than ever before. Jesus is coming! People are falling away left and right from the Church in America. Jesus is coming! Israel is surrounded by nations making threats and preparing to "wipe her off the face of the earth." Jesus is coming!
     These are serious times in which we live, and serious times call for serious relationships with the Lord. Now is not the time to play church or play Christian. Now is not the time to get your mind on other things more so than on Jesus Christ and His precious Word. Now is not the time to carry your feelings on your shoulder and get offended by any little trivial matter that arises. Now is not the time to stay out of God's house and away from the fellowship of His body for non-emergency reasons. Now is not the time to dabble with the things of the world and get closer to the world than to Jesus.
     In these days just before the coming of the Lord, now is the time to make sure you are ready. Now is the time to know you are saved and under the blood. Now is the time to live a sanctified and holy life, not acting, talking, or thinking like the world. Now is the time to be in God's house and really support His Church. Now is the time to stay full of the Holy Ghost, stay full of the Word, and stay full of zeal to win lost souls. Now is the time to "seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness." Now is the time to know you are ready. We don't want to miss His return.
     Being ready is of utmost importance. We don't want to be like the old mountaineer. He had lived a full but not exactly saintly life and now was on his deathbed. He summoned his weeping wife. "Sara," he said, "go to the fireplace and take out the third stone from the top."  She did as instructed.
     "Reach in there," said her husband, "and bring out what you find." Her fingers touched a large Mason jar, and with some effort she pulled it up. The jar was full of cash. "Sara," said the old man, "when I go, I'm going to take all that money with me. I want you to put that jar up in the attic by the window. I'll get it as I go by on my way to heaven."
     His wife followed his instructions. That night the old mountaineer died. After the funeral his wife remembered the Mason jar and went to the attic. There was the jar still full of money and by the window.  "Oh," the widow sighed. "I knew I should have put it in the basement."


To be a “Spirit-filled” body of loving ministers, who minister to both hurting believers and unbelievers - by making ministers, equipping ministers, and sending ministers into the world.