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June 1, 2014



2274 MONTAGUE AVE. EXT.        GREENWOOD, SC   29649

Church:  229-3687

                             REV. RICHARD SAXON                               
    Home:  943-8873 Cell: 980-5299         


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                                         Welcome  To Our Services

Sunday School         10:00am               Morning Worship     10:45am

Evening Worship      6:00pm               Wednesday Worship   7:00pm

                                 Bible Study Tuesday 10:30 am

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                                                                                         ANNOUNCEMENTS

June 1 - Special Honor to Graduates
June 7- Father’s Day Fishing Tournament. From 7am-4:30pm. See Pastor Richie for more details.
Jun 8-13 - Church of God Campmeeting at Mauldin. 6:00 Sunday and 6:30 Weeknights.
June 25- Youth Service
June 28- Birthday/Anniversary meal after PM Service. Please bring finger foods.

Special Singing:     AM – Marsha Saxon         PM – Youth         Prayer Warrior: Faye Ward

** Congratulations to graduate Shannon Nicole Frank – Class of 2014.”


                               PRAYER REQUESTS LIST

Tommy & Miriam Simmons         US President & Officials          Ada Beechey        John Bell
Stan Farmer                                 Israel                                  Ryan Summey         Larry Price
Leroy Massey                             Brad Williams                        Jeremy Todt           Vickie Coursey
Ann & James Saxon                    Marie Cabella                      Carolyn Smith        


CHURCH STATISTICS FOR                                                          5-25-14

S.S. attendance…………..……………………....29
S.S. offering………………………… …….....$79.10
M.W. attendance……………………..............…..70
M.W. offering………………………………....$632.76


June Birthdays                                 June Anniversaries

Robert Smith           -  6 -5                                              Stanley Hammond                -  6-4
Danny Doolittle       -  6-10                                              David & Breanna Patterson –  6-9
J.C. Doolittle           -  6-15                                              Brandon & Holly Gosling     - 6-25
Breanna Patterson – 6-18
Brewer Buchwald   – 6-20
Vera Garrett            - 6-28                     

From the Desk of Pastor Richard Saxon


     How do you live your life, by faith or feelings? Which produces the greatest motivational force in your life, your faith in God or your personal feelings? How about your service for Christ, is it led more by faith or by feelings? If we really stop and think on these questions, answering them truthfully, I think we would all find that our personal feelings often overpower our faith in God. This is a generation of feelings. But God has called us to live by faith, not by feelings. Consider the two fictional letters:

Our letter to Jesus:

Dear Jesus,

     I would really like to come to Sunday School on Sunday mornings, but, You know how tired I feel after staying up so late on Saturday night. And of course by Sunday evening I am really feeling sleepy, so it’s hard for me to make it at night. Oh, about Wednesday mid-week service, well, I should be there if I’m feeling like it. Sorry about not tithing this week, I just felt I couldn’t afford it right now. I did put an offering in though; I really felt a dollar was a great sacrifice. And the choir practice, well, I would have made it but I just felt like watching the rest of the Lifetime movie that was on. By the way, I would have made the prayer service, but I felt I had a headache coming on. And I just didn’t have time to pray at home; You know I wasn’t feeling up to it. I did start reading my Bible yesterday though, but I only got through a few verses before I started feeling so sleepy I had to quit. And the visiting committee on Tuesday night, oh, I didn’t go because I felt I needed to stay home and clean up. Oh well, I’d better go now because I feel like riding up to the mall and checking out the sales. I’ll be there Sunday morning for worship service for sure, if I’m feeling okay.


Church Member

Jesus’ letter to us:

Dear Child,

     I’m so sorry you are not feeling well. You know, even though I didn’t want to feel the unbearable pain, I did take the stripes on my back for your healing. And though my body was so tired and I really didn’t feel like toting that heavy cross down the rocky streets of Jerusalem, I did it for you. I knew ahead of the horrors of Calvary, and my flesh did not want to endure the pain, but for you I gladly faced the terrible place called Golgotha. And of course no one ever wanted to feel the nails pierce through their flesh, but for you I was more than willing to stretch out my hands. It really felt bad, hanging there from the cross, being ridiculed and mocked, being spat upon, and then taking all the weight of your sins on my shoulders, but for you I gave all. And it doesn’t feel too good to see you put other things before me, but I’m still here for you. By the way, hope you feel better.

With all my love,


     Are we living by faith or by feelings? Be truthful, despite your feelings.


To be a “Spirit-filled” body of loving ministers, who minister to both hurting believers and unbelievers - by making ministers, equipping ministers, and sending ministers into the world.