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December 14, 2014


2274 MONTAGUE AVE. EXT.        GREENWOOD, SC   29649

                                PASTOR: REV. RICHARD SAXON                               
Church 864 -229-3687    Parsonage 943-8873    Cell 980-5299
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Sunday School         10:00am               Morning Worship     10:45am

Evening Worship      6:00pm               Wednesday Worship   7:00pm

                                 Bible Study Tuesday 10:30 am

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++                                                                                         ANNOUNCEMENTS

Dec. 19 - 7 pm Christmas play practice for children.
Dec. 21 - Christmas Celebration during PM Service followed by Christmas meal. Fruit bags
                to be given out after AM service.
Dec. 24 - No mid-week service.
Dec. 28 - Communion during PM service.
Dec. 30 - Mid week service.

 Special Singing:   AM –                        PM –                    Prayer Warrior: Faye Ward


                               PRAYER REQUESTS LIST

Ann & James Saxon                   Carolyn Smith                    John Bell                 Israel

Tommy & Miriam Simmons        US President & Officials     Vickie Coursey       Stan Farmer

Benny Carter                               Ryan Summey                    Larry Price              Ruth Moore

Ada Beechey                               Brad Williams                    Grace Sweatt          Melissa

Sherry Williams                            The Williams                       Georgia Kent          Mary Mitchell

 Adam Rowles                            Carolyn Massey    

Church Statistics for Dec. 07, 2014:                                               

S.S. attendance……………............14                      S.S. offering…….…..…..…......$55.56

M.W. attendance…..………….…....36                     M.W. offering…......................$185.00



December Birthdays                        December Anniversaries
Peggy Echols -04
Tammy Bell -   06
Pastor -           18


From the Desk of Pastor Richard Saxon


     Isn't it amazing that the Christ child was born, the Savior of humanity, the Messiah of Israel, and the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, without most of the world even knowing it, or recognizing Him? But then again, what have you heard and seen this Christmas? Brett Blair had an interesting article years ago in a magazine. With a few changes, it is given below. As you read it, and think about it, what have you heard and seen this Christmas?
     "Oh, you say, had I been there at Bethlehem that night I would have seen. I would have understood. I would have known it was the Christ child. Would you? There is one way of knowing:
Ask yourself what you have seen and heard this Christmas Season.
*When you watched the 6:00 news did you see chaos and strife, or
did you see sheep without a shepherd?
*When you went out to do your shopping did you see only hordes of people in the stores, or did you notice the worried expressions on some of their faces--worried because they are facing this Christmas without employment or enough money and they don't know how they are going to make ends meet?
*When you went into town and to the malls, did you see only the riches that were being spent, and all the material things that were being bought by the crowds, or did you see the poor, lost, and confused that were searching for some real answer to life?
What did you hear this Christmas?
*Did you hear only the blast of music and carols, or did you hear the silent sighs of the lonely and the bereaved who may be dreading Christmas because it accentuates their loneliness?
*And in the midst of the sounds of honking horns and people arguing over parking places, did you hear faint sounds of laughter coming from the Church missions projects because you furnished food and toys for families and children?

     You see, so often what you see and what you hear is not dependent upon the event but upon you. If you did in fact hear the cry from the lonely, the laughter of poor children, if you saw the sheep without a shepherd, then, and only then, might you have noticed the events that took place in Bethlehem that night. If you lacked that spiritual seeing and hearing then you probably would have been with the 99% who were present but who saw or heard nothing out of the ordinary.

      In the end perhaps one of our carols words it best: No ear may hear his coming, but in this world of sin. Where meek souls shall receive him still, the dear Christ enters in. Amen.

     What do you see at Christmas? Do you see Jesus, the Savior?


To be a “Spirit-filled” body of loving ministers, who minister to both hurting believers and unbelievers - by making ministers, equipping ministers, and sending ministers into the world.